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More: 26 stylish boots everyone is buying for fall The sale lasts until Sunday, September 22, and you can really save a huge amount of money if you act quickly and hit this up ASAP. Are Hunters really worth it though? The Tour Short was developed exactly for that purpose. This classic looking model is the perfect choice for those on the go. Reinforced Toe The toe of the Tour Short is reinforced in order to prevent any deterioration, making it a good choice for those with more demanding tasks on their hands - especially for nature walks where you may find hidden obstacles along the way.

This is easily the toughest, strongest, and most durable option on the list. If you need some footwear to withstand wear and tear and any weather element, this is the product for you! This item is made with a chunky sole, which can be seen if you look at the picture above.

Now, why does this matter? In addition to this, the outsole is also made of natural rubber — boasting durability and longevity. Waterproof Design Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that you thought were waterproof? So, you head outside in rain storm and your boots become a puddle of water?

Well, this item will surprise you with how waterproof it really is. The entire design is waterproof so that your feet are protected and will remain dry during its full use.

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With that, this item is quite fairly priced, even though it can be considered expensive. Another great product from the Hunter brand that is receiving a wealth of praise from consumers is the Chelsea Black Rain Boot. This particular item is a blend of style, tradition, and quality materials. So, if you are looking for an affordable pair of footwear from this brand, this might just be the choice for you.

Durable If you are in the market for something durable, stop your research here. We were really impressed by the way the outsole and upper was designed in this particular model. The outsole features tough and strong rubber materials and the upper follows suit, and even includes elastic and nylon material for added comfort and control. In the industry, manufacturers have the ability to choose from many different materials. This brand decided to use high-quality and resistance rubber, alongside elastic gussets and even nylon materials. In this, it allowed the company to create an incredible product.

Cost and Value As we said before, this product is actually a decent and affordable choice for consumers. This is a great everyday choice for those that live in colder or wetter climates that need some extra protection on their feet.

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When you hear the word boot, what do you think of? Just a standard piece of footwear, right? Well, the truth is, there are so many different varieties that you might be overwhelmed! Are you ready for this? There are types like the following:. Again, this is a mere short list, and often the most common types that consumers might recognize. We wanted to feature a diverse set of choices for our readers — while also highlighting the flagship models from the brand. When picking out your product, be sure to figure out what style and design match your needs and preferences.

This can significantly help fasten the entire decision process.

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If you are new to shopping for a quality pair of shoes, we are about to teach you about the three most important aspects of a shoe. The first that we are going to share is all about the outsole. The outsole is the bottom part of any footwear. Typically, this part of the shoe is playing a significant role in the durability and stability of the actual footwear. So, if you have ever owned a pair of shoes that broke quickly, chances are, the outsole was designed poorly.

For the purpose of this buying guide, it was essential and vital that we knew precisely what the outsole was made out of and what benefits it offered consumers. Given the reputation of the brand, we anticipated that every single product would be infused with the absolute best rubber materials and traction properties — let alone waterproof. This remained true for nearly all products as the company used natural rubber in all of their products — and ensured that the outsole could withstand daily wear and tear.

Just the outsole alone, all products from this brand exceed any expectations. Midsole The next portion of the shoe that we would like to teach is called the midsole. As the name implies, this actually represents the interior and middle part of the shoe. If you guessed it, this part of any footwear is responsible for the comfort of the owner.

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Any products that have ever lacked comfort or support lacked a proper midsole. Now, this is something that we needed to closely pay attention to with this brand. Reason being, there was an assortment of products that did not come with a cushioned or padded footbed or midsole. In this, many consumers who had tried those boots or shoes complained about comfort.

In this, it became evident that the best products from this brand are those that come with the added cushioning or even, in some cases, the EVA foam. We can say that each product that we shared with you today most certainly comes with a comfortable midsole as each has been touted as one of the best the industry has seen. If you look at many different shoes or boots from the Hunter brand, you will notice that they are all made of rubber.

Now, this is quite intentional. The NBRC became incredibly popular and effective at creating durable footwear that the military and army utilized NBRC to mass-produce quality boots for the soldiers. Today, Hunter utilizes the same technology, rubber, and innovations, which is why this brand is still atop the market. The last feature that we are going to talk about is something called the upper. This area contributes to the overall fit, comfort, and control when walking or running.

As you might imagine, this portion plays a critical role in the construction of the shoe. If you have ever tried a pair of shoes on that did not fit well, chances are the upper was designed too narrow, wide, or poorly in general.

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With that being said, since we were looking at boots from this brand, we needed to carefully look at the upper to ensure that none were incredibly narrow or wide. We also wanted to make sure that none were made from weaker materials or lacked the capacity to withstand scratches , abrasions, or daily wear and tear. As many consumers have proclaimed, there is nothing quite like wearing a pair of Hunter footwear — they are just that good.

The reality is, they are not the cheapest ones on the market. With that being said, since this buying guide was focused on reviewing an assortment of footwear from one particular brand, we did take into consideration the differences in the price tags. Reason being, if there is a quality boot that offers the same features as a more expensive one, we want to ensure that we share that with you.

So, as we performed or research and picked out products, we carefully noted how much the product was and compared its value to others from the brand. Using this tool, we can say that these 10 footwear choices are the absolute best from the brand in style, value, and in price. Learn More. Yes, I want to save money by receiving personalised Groupon emails with awesome deals. No Thanks.

Discount Types Clearance. Customer Ratings. Width Medium Other Wide. Shoe Size 5. Women's Mid-Calf Rain Boots. View Deal. Women's Rain Boots. Women's Suede or Glossy Rain Boots. Hunter Women's Original Short Boots. Animal printed Rain Boots.

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